Full Time Course

6 Month Schedule

720 hours of instruction and building time spread over 24 weeks (30 hours per week) covering all aspects of guitar building, from initial design of the instrument, through making moulds and jigs, sharpening tools and choosing, storing and preparing timber, the construction of the instrument itself and final finishing and setting up instruments. Students will normally build at least 3 guitars or other instruments in this time, possibly 4.


We require that students part take in the 4 week course before committing to this 6 month course. However, anybody who feels this have sufficient prior knowledge/ woodworking experience may skip this. Those who complete the 4 week course can have the fees they have paid carried over to the 6 month course.


As well as traditional lutherie techniques, students are encouraged to experiment with materials, and design, and to explore the range of design and engineering ideas that have been used by other instrument makers past and present.


Fees: £6250 (Materials & Accommodation cost extra)

Syllabus ...

• Draft and design plan for guitar

• Understanding tools, tool use and safety

• Making jigs• Wood storage

• Preparing, bracing and voicing the top and back

• Bending sides & installing kerfing / blocks

• Install bindings

• Dovetails• Neck construction

• Fitting the neck to body

• Bridge placement• Finishing process

• Set up


Places for this course are limited so please get in touch if you are interested.

Similar courses can be offered at 3 months length, contact us for more details.

We have found that it's best for staff and students if we operate a flexible routine.

Students can now choose the 4 week course, or a 2 month course, or a 3 month course, extending right up to 6 months with a stepped pricing structure.


Tuition Fees


4 Week … £2250

2 Month … £3500

3 Month … £4550

4 Month … £5200

5 Month … £5750

6 Month … £6240

Other Full Time Options

Upcoming 4 Week Course Dates ...


2021 schedule


Jan 4 - Jan 29

Feb 8 - Mar 5

Mar 15 - Apr 9

May 3 - May 29

June 7 - Jul 2

Jul 12- Aug 6

Aug 9 - Sep 3

Oct 4 - Oct 29

Nov 8 - Dec 3


Note : Dates can be flexible. Students are on their own build program. If these dates don’t fit for you contact us with your suggested timeline and we’ll see want we can do.

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