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Intensive  Course

4 Week Schedule

We offer an intensive guitar making course to international students of all background and ability. This course is offered with flexibility in mind. Depending on the availability and skill of each student, a guitar can be made in 4-5 weeks.

The standard hours would be Mon-Fri 10am- 5pm, for Four weeks, but these can be condensed or stretched to include attendance on our evening or weekend sessions. Previous students have made top quality guitars in a little over 3 weeks!


Our goal is not just to help you build one guitar but to give you the skills to continue developing as an instrument maker. We cover all the basics of.

• Basic woodworking and shop safety

• Tonewood supply and storage

• Tool sharpening

• Soundboard voicing

• Fretting

• Finishing

• Setup

Class sizes are kept small and manageable so that each student can be guided not just as a group, but individually based on their own progress. Students are also encouraged to be creative with their instrument in terms of decoration. (time permitting). One of the other great aspects of this course is that students will get to socialise with each other and others attending the school. Its a great opportunity to explore the city of Belfast, its culture, music and vibrant nightlife.Most weekends during the course are also free so students can use the time to explore other parts of the country.Visit our Location page for more on this.

Fees: £2250 GBP


+Materials, typically around £500 for a high quality acoustic.

Accommodation can also be provided at a further cost of approximately £100 per week.

Alternatively, close to our Bangor site is a Premier Inn.  Click here for more details

Please contact us about this course if you are interested. Places are limited and we like to prepare in advance for each student depending on what instrument they would like to make.

We can also offer a flexible payment option once your place has been secured with a deposit.

Students can also source their own accommodation if they choose to do so.

Upcoming 4 Week Course Dates ...


2022 schedule


Jan 11 - Feb 5

Feb 15 - Mar 19

Mar 22 - Apr 16

May 3 - May 28

June 14 - Jul 9

Jul 26 - Aug 20

Sep 6 - Oct 1

Oct 11 - Nov 5

Nov 22 - Dec 17

2023 schedule


Jan 9 - Feb 3

Feb 6 - Mar 11

Apr 17  - May 12

May 22 - June 16

June 19 - Jul 14

July 24 - Aug 18

Sep 11 - Oct 6

Oct 9 - Nov 3

Nov 6 - Dec 1

Note : Dates can be flexible. Students are on their own build program. If these dates don’t fit for you contact us with your suggested timeline and we’ll see what we can do.

Lagan Lutherie School  Unit 3, 18a Balloo Avenue, Bangor, BT19 7QT
Tel : 07718-972657

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