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Expert tuition at LLS comes from luthier Sam Irwin

Sam's interest in woodwork arose as a child in his grandfather's workshop in Co. Antrim. His childhood curiosity for music was also strong, and this prompted Sam to ask his parents for music lessons. These continued through his teen years and he also relished the woodwork classes that formed part of his grammar school curriculum.


Years later, amid zeitgeist of the late 60s, the twin interests of woodwork and music fused together in musical instrument repair. Not long after came the idea of making an instrument. The first, a classical guitar, he built in 1977.


Around the same time Sam met the now world-renowned luthier George Lowden. Sam went to work with George in his workshop in Bangor Co. Down. Sam's relationship with Lowden guitars continued in one form or another, for the next 20 years. During this time Sam was involved in the construction of thousands of Lowden acoustic guitars. As designer, advisor and freelance consultant, he also undertook similar work within the world famous Avalon guitar factory.


Sam has experience with all forms of stringed instruments not just guitars, having made Harps, Dulcimers, Bouzoukis, Mandolins etc. He has also supervised the construction of many varied instruments during his 20 years of lutherie tuition.


As well as teaching at LLS, Sam now makes his award winning Celtic Lyres for customers all over the world. More information on these can be found at ...

Lagan Lutherie School  Unit 3, 18a Balloo Avenue, Bangor, BT19 7QT
Tel : 07718-972657

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